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Education for All is a non-Profit Organization with the mission of helping the underserved and underrepresented East-African community through methods and means intended to Educate, Engage, Enlighten, and Empower. Those four principles dictate and drive our organization and the classes, programs, workshops, training and events we create as well as advocacy for our community members.

Education for All is a grassroots organization established by members of the East African community, the majority of those which we serve being Somali. In the past 12 years we have successfully ran After-School Programs, Weekend Programs, established a culturally appropriate private school and purchased property for our community. Our board is comprised 100% by East African members and currently hold all 5 seats. They have been specifically selected by the community Education for All serves, to fulfill community needs, raise awareness and to advocate on their behalf. Education For All interacts with the target population it serves and knows its social construct, economic standing, and growth needs as well as the challenges they face and how to address them.
What we do

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Education is the central pillar in all the work Education for All does. As the single most important aspect of our non-Profit, we focus heavily on making sure our members get the basic education required to live, prosper and be competitive in the workforce and society at large. That means creating programs intended to help them better learn English, Computers, Job Search, Presentation, Research and Self Advocacy.
Resource Referral
Education for All caters to immigrant and low income families who have no idea of the breadth of resources available to them. One of our main focuses is to curate the vast many channels of resources for our members so that they have access to critical help that they need and require. We also play a role in trying to develop new funnels of resources that might not currently exist and are tailored for specific needs and peoples.
Education for All is a leader in advocacy for the East African community. Our facility holds gatherings, workshops and events so that our members can discuss issues that are relevant to them, as well as means and methods to address them. We work in tandem with other prominent organizations as well as directly with the City and State to find solutions for common or unique issues for the communities we serve.
Community Development
We also take it upon ourselves to be inundated with the political atmosphere, laws, economics and standards of life in Washington and its Counties. We do so to make sure that our community can develop and for our members to become contributing citizens.
It is incredibly hard for families coming from entirely different cultures and customs to understand and furthermore assimilate into a society that might be incredibly foreign to them. Having such deep-rooted relationships with a plethora of individuals and organizations enables us to help create a fine balance for our members to understand what is beneficial for them and how they can become active Citizens.
Skills Training
We offer workshops, lessons and seminars for our members. In tandem with City and Local partners we have established ourselves as the go to resource for the East African immigrant population. We have and continue to strategize with City, and State organizations to help our impoverished and low socio-economic members gain necessary skills and training to further their personal development and careers.
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