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Hope Academy DBA Education for All is a non-Profit Organization with the mission of helping the underserved and underrepresented East-African community through methods and means intended to Educate, Engage, Enlighten, and Empower. Those four principles dictate and drive our organization and the classes, programs, workshops, training and events we create as well as advocacy for our community members.
December 2003
Abdulkadir Jama
Mohamed Ali
Hope Academy (HA) is a community-based non-profit private school located in Seattle, Washington. HA was founded by Abdulkadir Jama  in December 2003 as a small alternative homeschool for his four children. The school has grown over the years through the support of the community as well as staff and teachers who shared Jama’s vision for creating a safe and equity-based education for the growing East-African immigrant/refugee population. Over the years the school’s target population has expanded. During the past 16 years of the school’s existence, the hard work and dedication of the teachers, parents, students, alumni, community members, etc. who have committed to the school have been humbly appreciated and duly noted.

Education For All does business as Hope Academy of Seattle. EFA DBA HAS is a non-profit organization formerly registered as Techforall, and merged with Hope Academy in 2016. It serves the diverse, underserved and underrepresented refugee and immigrant population. HA has one of the largest facilities owned by the East-African community in Washington. It was previously owned and operated by the St. James Lutheran Church congregation and was built in 1961 as a parish school for the Lutheran Church. It has historical significance for the Lutheran community in West Seattle and now has great significance for the East-African community as well.

Prior to the purchase, HA used to rent a portion of the school building on the property. After witnessing the work HA does for the community, the leadership of the Lutheran Community offered to sell the property to them. HA currently operates the two buildings on the lot. It occupies 40,000 square feet. It serves over 2,000 beneficiaries in West Seattle and the surrounding area alone, with much more in King County. The center, along with the school, is a bastion for all peoples, demographics and all backgrounds, as it has continuously created programs, events and community meetings that address the needs and concerns of their members and neighbors.
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Asia Adam
Executive Director
Fatima Adam
Development Director
Abdulkadir Jama
Abdalla Ahmed
Math Teacher
Kelly Thadeus
English Teacher
John Doe
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